Callum Swan Realty Marbella Office

Call into our Marbella Real Estate Office

Callum Swan Realty is a very personal company, so although we pride ourselves on our professionalism and expertise we don’t stand on formality but offer a warm, welcoming environment to clients, where we hope you will feel at home. Designed around this principle, our office features elegant, stylish décor that projects a certain corporate weight whilst veering away from the standard office design and layout.

Indeed, you will find the Callum Swan offices have the stylish, sophisticated feel of an architect’s study – with fine quality furnishings decorated with a knowing touch to create a comfortable and welcoming setting in which to work and receive clients. Laid out to combine the functionality of a modern office with the comfort of a home, it has been designed with our clients in mind.

The address and building are in keeping with this concept, and we are proud to have our base in one of the most elegant office buildings on Marbella’s famous Golden Mile, from where we run our sales consulting, luxury rentals, bespoke investment and property development services. As we focus especially on the Golden Mile and surrounding areas, it is also a highly suitable and easy to find location where we would like to welcome you for a cup of coffee.