Wellness in your Marbella home

Louise Swan, January 2020 | CSR news and articles of interest

The idea of taking the waters, enjoying a massage or pampering health and beauty treatment is not new. Indeed, it’s been around since classical times, and until recently was a privilege of wealth. The growth in prosperity and increased stresses of modern life are two of the main factors that have contributed to making wellness a more universal goal. More people now travel to spas, more resort hotels include spa facilities and healthier ‘Super Foods’ are gaining traction among an ever-broader part of the population. However, on wellness, a trend that still remains a true luxury is incorporating it into your home.

The inclusion of spas and areas of healthy retreat within private villas and luxury apartment complexes started more than a decade ago and largely followed heated indoor swimming pools and home gyms to develop into magnificent private wellness centres complete with sauna, steam baths, Jacuzzis, massage and treatment rooms, and state-of-the-art gymnasiums that would give the most exclusive resorts a run for their money. Add self-cleaning saltwater pools, Zen gardens and tropical style outdoor (but private) showers, and the tone was set for a further evolution of the theme.

wellness and sauna in your Marbella home

Indeed, just as homes are becoming electronically wired up, with sophisticated home automation systems replacing the mere brick-and-mortar structure of the past, so wellness is being integrated into the whole concept of living. Technology is being applied to offer us clean water at all times, lighting that can be adjusted to suit our moods and needs, water features that add tranquillity, view orientation designed now with specific ambiances in mind, chill-out areas for more informal entertaining and even air optimising to provide the ideal atmosphere (quite literally) within the house.

This requires balancing the need for insulation with the need for natural airflow, maintaining indoor temperatures at a consistently comfortable (and healthy) level without making the air stale. Regulating natural airflow is an important element in the wellbeing a home offers, as is the need to reduce the levels of energy our many modern gadgets use on an on-going basis. The smartest new luxury homes therefore also cut down on electricity and Wi-Fi generation levels when we sleep or rest, as well as being better insulated to protect us from any potentially unhealthy rays. Reducing the use of mechanical equipment similarly helps to create a healthier, more pleasant home setting.

Evermore up to date with such trends, Marbella now offers villas and apartments that comply with all the above to provide a living environment that is not only aesthetically pleasing, refined and comfortable, but also safe, healthy and focused on our personal wellbeing. If you would like to know more about Marbella properties that offer this added dimension of quality please contact Callum Swan.

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