Five things our clients ask for in a Marbella property

Sabrina Cedron, March 2021 | CSR news and articles of interest

When looking to buy a property in Marbella, today’s clients are well-informed and have a very clear idea of what they want, both in terms of property, price as well as the lifestyle they are wanting enjoy. The exact mix of requirements is personal and for this reason different for each client, but there are of course questions and ‘must haves’ that frequently appear in enquiries and on spec lists, and we share the top five most popular ones with you here.

1. The Marbella setting

Location, as always, is of vital importance, but perhaps more than ever now, as people are drawn to a lifestyle destination such as Marbella for the space, climate, services and indeed quality of life it offers. Apart from an attractive area, the things people specifically request are privacy, green surroundings yet also – if possible – easy access to amenities such as shops, restaurants, cafés, schools, beaches and/or sports facilities such as gyms and golf or racquet clubs. It seems a tall order, but we are able to offer a variety of options in and around Marbella that provide exactly this mix of characteristics, as it is one of things that make this region stand out.

Japanese Garden Puente Romano, Marbella

2. Marbella views

Like location, having an inspiring view is a longstanding desire among homebuyers, and with its spectacular golf, mountain and coastal views it is a particular feature of a Marbella property. Even so, it seems that our buyers are more focused upon it even more than before, and we receive requests for properties for sale in Marbella that not only answer to the above-mentioned wish-list but also feature sea and/or landscape views and proximity to nature as an important factor.

3. Modern amenities

Whether looking for a new build or existing property to buy in Marbella, our clients want homes that come with certain 21st century luxuries. These very often include spacious open-plan layouts, but also contemporary kitchens and bathrooms, modern entertainment facilities, and also the ability to work from home in an up to date, professional environment with all the required technology.

4. Outdoor space

Today more than ever, people like to have their own personal outdoor space where they can relax, entertain and spend time with the family. Gardens are the ultimate in this regard – as a result of which villas, ground floor apartments and semi-detached townhouses have become increasingly in vogue in recent months – but otherwise large terraces such as seen in penthouses and luxurious apartments are also very much in demand.

Las Alamandas Marbella

5. Security

Along with privacy comes the requirement for security, and many of our clients are asking for gated apartment complexes and villa communities, ideally with 24-hour security. This is as much for conventional security as to create a living environment free of passing traffic where residents, their guests and in particular children can move around freely and safely.

Thanks to our many years of living and working in Marbella, our resulting in-depth knowledge of its property market, and the local and international networks we have built up, Callum Swan Realty can help you find all of the above within a property that fits your taste, lifestyle and budget. Call us for more information.

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