Marbella properties: Newbuild versus Renovated

Louise Swan, January 2022 | Local News and Information

Most people like Marbella homes with contemporary styles, the latest modern comforts, easy-flowing interior layouts and that fresh new feel. The main choices, then, are between a new property and an existing one that has been thoroughly renovated, restyled and brought fully up to date.

Among the modern apartments and villas for sale in Marbella there is a choice between off-plan projects and those homes that are now – or almost – ready to move into. Just lately, the urgency created by the Covid-lockdown experiences has caused many a property buyer in Marbella and surroundings to be less patient, less willing to wait for an off-plan development to begin and then complete construction, installing, fitting out and decoration.

Indeed, at this point in time, most people want their brand-new Marbella home and they want it now! This means that turnkey-ready new properties in Marbella and the Costa del Sol have been the most popular of all the real estate types and options ever since the Covid-crisis first erupted – and as a result they are selling out fastest. In fact, in the current market buyers are more flexible on location than they are on giving up hope of finding a ready-made Marbella property.

Luxury villa frontline beach in Marbella - Los Monteros

A second option

For those who find it difficult to encounter just the right home in this way there is a second option, in the form of a freshly renovated resale property. It’s another way of owning a stylish home with a new look and feel, the latest styles and technological comforts and amenities, along with the added benefits of space and location, as older properties tend to occupy the best settings, with the best views, and also offer larger plots and most spacious interiors. It’s also good to know that both property types are similar in price and investment potential.

Someone who’s got their heart set upon a brand-new, newly-built villa or apartment should therefore take a rebuilt property under serious consideration, as when well refurbished they also retain a lot of the original home’s charm combined with modern comfort and style. What’s more, rather than direct from the developer, these are usually small-scale boutique projects filled with architectural and decorative creativity, so you may just end up with the best home in the best Marbella setting.

New project in Marbella

Talk to us about the options and let us show you the comparative results. Ultimately the choice is always a personal one, but if you wish to buy a key-ready modern Marbella apartment or especially villa, the options are more varied than you may think.

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