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Life is good when it is lived by the beach, close to waves that lap the sandy shores. It’s even better when the climate is warm, sun drenched and bathed in the golden glow of sunsets that take your breath away. If to this mix you add lush greenery, mountain views and the exclusive surroundings of leafy residential areas and iconic resorts, what you actually describe is the Golden Mile – the famous palm-fringed boulevard that links Marbella town and Puerto Banús.

Here, amid the millionaire’s rows of seaside mansions and penthouses, the main focus is quite understandably upon a beach that ranks as Marbella’s most exclusive. The two shining stars on the Golden Mile’s beachfront are the Marbella Club Hotel, where it all began, and its sister hotel, the Puente Romano, which has grown into a resort set within its own parkland scenery. Among the deluxe amenities are a spa, fine dining, the tennis club and other beachside pleasures.

Marbella Club Hotel

They include the five-star deluxe MC Beach, a classic but stylish venue by the sea, the Chiringuito Puente Romano, the stylishly chilled ambience of La Concha, and of course the timeless refinement of the Sea Grill – all sophisticated spots that offer the very best in refinement, cuisine and service. Strolling or cycling along the coastal pathway that also links Marbella and Puerto Banús, one passes a series of charming chiringuito bars and luxurious beach and pool clubs.

Very interesting among these is Trocadero Playa, a restaurant by the sandy shores that blends fine dining with a relaxed, languid beach atmosphere. Even more authentic, and a longstanding Marbella icon, is Victor’s Beach, whose simplicity belies its status and popularity as one of this region’s most cherished beachside venues. Venture further east, towards the Don Pepe Hotel and Marbella town, and the elegant café and eatery Cappuccino will catch your eye.

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In the opposite direction, almost touching the sands of Puerto Banús, is Besaya Beach, an elegant affair by the water. Here, and at other spots along the beaches of the Golden Mile, you’ll spot not so much crowds of sunbathers, for this is a rather exclusive stretch of the shoreline, but rather paddle boarders charting a course between jet skis and yachts lying offshore.

This is a peaceful part of the Marbella coastline, but one where parties can build, especially in the summer months, creating moments that live long in the memory. In fact, it has been a tradition stretching back to the 1950s, and an indelible part of Marbella’s Golden Mile beach life.

Swimming pool at the Marbella Club

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