Marbella, the new destination for young professionals

Sabrina Cedron, April 2022 | CSR news and articles of interest

For a large part of its recent history, roughly from the 1950s until recently, Marbella has above all been a luxury holiday and retirement destination; a place where people owned a holiday home or came to live and enjoy the climate, space and quality of life once the busiest part of their working careers had passed.

It is true that over time more and more people settled here, drawn by its lifestyle, raised children in Marbella and founded rewarding careers and businesses, but this expat community is now being bolstered by a new trend that is causing a growing number of Northern European professionals and entrepreneurs to life in the region permanently or for extended periods of time.

Collectively, this group of 30 to 50-somethings is creating a new market trend, converting the demand for holiday homes to second prime residences, where families now live year-round or spend months at a time. Moreover, their occupants no longer simply vacation in Marbella, but also work here – be it in offices, co-working spaces or at home.

The result has been a shift away from apartments towards contemporary villas that offer new essentials such as home offices, gyms, in and outdoor leisure spaces, and of course modern comforts and features. The modern villa is therefore at the heart of today’s Marbella property market and the architectural and décor styles are evolving to become more comfortable, using natural materials.

Puente Romano Swimming pool

A growing infrastructure

With the above shift comes an evolving demand for support services and infrastructures, as seen in the great demand for Marbella school places, office accommodation and a whole range of amenities and services that can range from fitness or yoga classes to children’s activities, shopping, dining and cultural facilities, as well as technical support services.

Marbella is in full evolution, and with its climate, space, security and excellent travel links across Europe and beyond is fast becoming one of the preferred lifestyle destinations for successful professionals and entrepreneurs.

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