Marbella’s unique climate for all-year living

Fath-Zhar Benkiran, August 2022 | Local News and Information

One of the great attractions that underly the enduring appeal of Marbella is its unique microclimate. Often described as the best in all of Europe, this spot on the south coast of Spain is indeed the sunniest, with the greatest number of sunshine days on the continent – making a highly desirable year-round outdoor lifestyle possible.

While the setting on the southernmost section of Mediterranean coastline in Europe ensures the Costa del Sol is the sunniest spot on the continent, within this region Marbella enjoys a particularly enjoyable microclimate that reduces wind, rain and the temperature extremes felt further inland. It ensures around 320 sunny days per year and average annual temperatures of around 18 degrees Celsius.

In winter, the mercury seldom drops below 15 degrees, and from May to September the average is above 25 degrees, with the occasional heatwave taking it above 35 degrees. For all this, the climate is mild and the surroundings green, with the westerly Poniente wind bringing dry air and magnificent sunsets, the easterly Levante creating more humid conditions, and the inland Terral occurring during the occasional hot spells.

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An outdoor way of life

Average sea temperature is 22 degrees in summer, with swimming pools and lakes several degrees warmer, inviting everything from swimming and sunbathing throughout a six-month long season to sailing and scuba diving throughout the year. Conditions are also perfect for sports such as golf – which is played in summer too but very popular from September to June – tennis and of course the very sociable paddle tennis.

Quite apart from sport activities, Marbella offers an outdoor lifestyle that also includes country walks, hiking, mountain biking and horse riding, beachside yoga and fitness groups, surfing in summer and skiing at the nearby Sierra Nevada in winter. Add to this extreme sports and fitness trails, motor racing, road cycling, football, rugby, cricket and jogging, and it’s clear that this is also the European capital of sports opportunities in general.

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But the outdoor way of life offered by Marbella also extends to other activities, such as outdoor dining, open-air summer concerts, a highly sociable scene, barbequing on the terrace and, especially in winter, a lively café society.

In all, residents of Marbella spend far more time outdoors than people in other parts of Europe, engaging in lively activities as they breathe fresh air and enjoy fantastic views and sunsets that colour the skies in shades of gold and pink.

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