Why Marbella is a remote working favourite

Sabrina Cedron, September 2022 | CSR news and articles of interest

What do you look for when searching for a place to work remotely from and to spend extended periods with the family? Attractive surroundings, peace and quiet when you need it, lots of leisure options and of course a good technical infrastructure and easy access to the rest of the world. It seems Marbella offers all of this to remote workers/livers, and more.

More and more, entrepreneurs and professionals with specialist skills are choosing to not only work remotely – essentially from their home offices – but also to live remotely, i.e. in lifestyle orientated locations. Very often, this effectively involves a move from the main business centres of Northern Europe to resort destinations set upon the Mediterranean Sea.

Among such preferred destinations, Marbella ranks at the very top because of the quality of life it offers throughout the year. This is, of course, in the first instance down to the setting, which blends together the sunniest all-year climate and a seaside location with beautiful green surroundings dominated by a coastal strip and a series of green valleys and wooded mountain ranges.

Marbella panoramic con la Concha

Marbella, a beautiful setting in which to live

Climate and scenery combine to make this one of the most attractive parts of Europe, indeed the world, where a high degree of security contributes further to make the southern coast of Spain one of the ultimate lifestyle destinations on a global level. Life is good in the sun, where golf courses cover much of the area between beaches and mountains – surrounded by a laid-back Mediterranean ambience and a hinterland full of nature, traditional villages and historic cities.

It all adds up to a unique lifestyle offering that blends peace of mind with many practical and leisure amenities, ranging from essential support services such as shopping, international schools, clinics, professional services, international routes into Europe and to other parts of the world, as well as co-working centres and professional networks. They provide the technical infrastructure for convenient remote working away from main business centres.

Emare Marbella playa

A flexible lifestyle offering

Within this environment, life is what you make it – the ideal setting for a balance between work and quality of life. The fact that Marbella lends itself to such a wide variety of different lifestyle preferences, from sport and culture to fine dining, nightlife and tranquillity, explains why it ranks so high on almost all global comparisons. A recent study by Compare the Market that assessed 30 global destinations placed Orlando and Miami (both in Florida) in first and third place respectively while, with Wellington (New Zealand) second, Marbella topped the European list in fourth place overall.

One of the key criteria was the peace and relaxation each of these locations offers, and in this respect Marbella too was deemed to offer all manner of amenities combined with nature, space and access to tranquillity that is one of the defining elements of quality of life. A key factor of convenience for all professionals and businesspeople, especially those who work remotely, is a good technical infrastructure offering fast internet speed, easy connectivity and attractive co-working centres with support services – and as Málaga’s international airport offers daily connections to most destinations in Europe, and many others in Asia, Africa and the Americas, remote working from Marbella is a very real lifestyle option these days.

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