Finding your Dream Home in Marbella

Louise Swan, December 2014 | Local News and Information

I have been involved in Real Estate in Marbella for most of my adult life. With 25 years of living and working in this world of beautiful homes and stunning properties, it never ceases to amaze me that a property can really stop you in your tracks, and overwhelm you with a “feeling”.

So often we hear clients say that a house has a “feeling” for them – what is that exactly? Is it Feng Shui? is it the style? is it the design? the light? I guess every client has a different set of characteristics they are looking for in a property – but a combination of a few of those elements can often be what makes us “fall in love” and just bowls you over.

One such property for me was this recently listed home only a short walk from the centre of Marbella and the beach. I just fell in love. The combination of a distinctly Provençale style, mixed with a modern and very well laid out interior just gave me that “feeling”. I could instantly picture myself here.

After visiting so many homes I really thought that I would now be immune. I guess part of our persona or our vision comes to the fore, and it becomes more about how we see ourselves, the lifestyle we want, and the spaces make sense to us. We can suddenly imagine feeling instantly comfortable with a nice book on that chair in the garden, or having a nice dinner with friends in the dining room, or sitting by the fire relaxing after a busy day – all of these things only make sense once you find the special home, and you get “that feeling”.

It is a wonderful part of our job being able to visit and represent so many stunning properties.

We often have homes which we sold many years ago and they again become available for sale, so we see how it has changed. Properties are renovated and changed beyond recognition, and new homes are dreamt of, designed and built. . One thing is for sure I will never underestimate that “feeling” – I guess it really is simply all down to just a question of taste.

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