Callum Swan – a real estate agency with Marbella roots

Louise Swan, December 2016 | CSR news and articles of interest

There are real estate agencies with a long presence in Marbella – indeed, some boast many years in the local property market, but few truly have roots here.

In fact, Callum Swan Realty is one of the few property companies on the Costa del Sol that really does have personal roots since its founders have a long and intimate relationship with the area – Louise came to Marbella when she was 13 and Callum has lived here since his late teens. Originally from the UK, they spent a large part of their youth in the beautiful sunshine of Marbella and have seen their adopted hometown grow and evolve into the modern resort destination it is today.

“Marbella has changed greatly,” says Louise, who used to venture out into the countryside where luxury villas now stand, “but it has retained a natural beauty as most of the residential areas are enveloped in greenery. Though the town has grown, you’re never far from nature here, and the views of sea, sky and mountains – punctuated by golf courses – are all around.”

Understanding both sides of the market

The couple love the town they have lived in since their youth, where they have cut their teeth on the local property industry and have raised a family, and as a result there are few real estate professionals in the area with the same market, product and lifestyle knowledge – and above all, the same passion.

“There are many beautiful spots in the world, but Marbella brings so much in the way of climate, scenery, cosmopolitan living, accessibility and lifestyle chic together that it is a very seductive place both to visit regularly and move to permanently,” says Louise. “Ultimately it’s not about the beautiful properties and even the weather, but above all a fantastic way of life.”

The couple feel privileged to live and work here, offering their detailed local market expertise and good name to clients whilst understanding exactly what our clients look for in an agent. “We understand their mentality and expectations because we share them, so our aim is to create clarity and transparency in the buying process, as well as making it an easy, fluent experience where homebuyers and investors can have total confidence in the technical expertise and integrity of the services we offer.”

Keen to protect the good name of their business and their town, Callum and Louise Swan lead by example.

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