Callum Swan, a boutique agency in Marbella with a unique philosophy

Louise Swan, April 2015 | CSR news and articles of interest

Founded with the passion and experience of two real estate professionals and long-time residents of Marbella, Callum Swan is an agency with a somewhat different philosophy.

While the term ‘boutique agency’ describes a real estate company that eschews volume and instead focuses on quality and a personal approach to the business of finding people homes, Callum Swan takes this process one step further.

By designing their Marbella real estate company around the premise of the client, and drawing from their needs to determine how to best offer their services and expertise, Callum and Louise Swan have adapted and contemporised the operation of a traditional real estate agent into something that suits today’s homebuyer better.

“I wouldn’t exactly call it reverse engineering, but I feel that in designing our service around the client’s needs and adapting ourselves to that, rather than making it all fit around our business structure, we are able to offer a smoother, more focused and ultimately more effective professional service,” says Callum.

“For this reason we don’t look, feel or operate like a conventional real estate office, but have made ours a more personalised, tailored process,” adds Louise. “It means we aren’t product-driven – pushing a particular set of properties – but result-driven.” In other words, whilst priding itself on a first-class portfolio of highly selective luxury Marbella properties, Callum Swan is an agency that will stray beyond these confines and happily go the extra distance to find you the home that matches your requirements.

“Whilst we work on the instruction of homeowners to market and sell their properties, when a potential homebuyer approaches us to find them a home we regard that as a consulting task, not a sales one,” says Callum. “Viewing what we do as a home finder brokerage service – the essential definition of a real estate agent – rather than a sales operation, is a subtle detail but one that reflects an important difference in philosophy and approach.”

You will see this embodied in their stylish office on Marbella’s famous Golden Mile too, which doesn’t look or feel like a traditional sales-oriented real estate office, but has the style and welcoming ambience of an architectural bureau or design studio. “For us it is important to spend our working day in an atmosphere that is professional, yes, but also attractive, pleasant and creative – and above all one where our clients feel they are attended personally by people who are professional, knowledgeable and committed to doing their best on their behalf.

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