Renting your Marbella Property

Renting your Marbella property A Callum Swan Realty service

CALLUM SWAN REALTY specialises in offering a prime selection of luxury rental properties in Marbella. We employ our expertise in this field on behalf of owners and investors, and provide a complete rental management service that incorporates the marketing of luxury rental properties, a booking and maintenance service, as well as accompanying five-star concierge treatment for guests.

CALLUM SWAN REALTY is not a rentals agency in the general sense – we limit ourselves to only offering quality rental properties in the best Marbella locations, and on providing the accompanying service – advising homeowners on how to get the most from their rental homes and looking after their guests in style.

There is strong demand for good, well-equipped properties in attractive locations. We have the network of clients to fill bookings, and also know first-hand what people are looking for and expect from luxury rental properties in Marbella. We therefore offer a marketing, management and concierge service built upon practical experience.

Understanding the needs of landlords and tenants is vital in satisfying the aspirations of both parties, so our rentals service is aimed at presenting properties that are attractive, modern and feature the amenities today’s market demands. Having achieved this, we take the hassle out of successfully marketing and managing a rental property by handling it all for you.

Contact us if you are looking for quality rental properties in Marbella or are indeed keen to rent out your villa or apartment. Our experience in this field is at your disposal.

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